Network Design and Service

iKon is not just a Network Solutions Provider, but a Solutions Partner. Our collaborative approach and proven methodology helps us understand your business issues, needs and strategies allowing us to recommend solutions that are right for you. We recommend, install and support only best-in-class solutions. From our Help Desk, to our Project Managers, to our Engineers and support staff – our team of experienced, qualified professionals are here to serve you.

Local Area Networking(LAN) & Network Solutions
iKon Technical Development can help organizations of any size to share information easily and become more efficient with cost effective network solutions. We provide expert design, installation and configuration of hardware and software to ensure a successful Local Area Network (LAN) project. In addition to installations, our professionals also provide ongoing troubleshooting, maintenance and support of networks. Whether you need to build a network from the ground up, or integrate your existing network with new systems to achieve effective results.

Remote Access
In today’s corporate climate the need to access information quickly from any location is essential to running your business. An effective remote access solution must be just as reliable for an end user as if they were in the office, while maintaining stringent security standards.

Whether your need is to increase your responsiveness to clients or make it possible for your associates to collaborate no matter where they are, iKon can design and implement a remote access solution that addresses your unique business needs.

Security of Your Data & Network
When managing security, it really comes down to managing risks. Organizations balance resources, both economic and human, against the possibility and severity of a security breach. Each organization’s risk tolerance and business strategy is different.

iKon’s philosophy is to work with you to understand your business security objectives. We will identify appropriate control objectives that map to your business objectives, evaluate relevant controls to meet identified objectives, and report findings and recommendations based on our assessment. In essence, we will work with you to avoid problems associated with undesired entry into your network and provide recommendations regarding the protection of your data and network.

Security and protecting data is becoming more and more of a business concern. The government now has regulations regarding the protection of patient or client information and privacy. iKon has th e expertise and the experience to help your organization evaluate its exposure to security issues, develop a formal plan to correct security concerns, and perform regular reviews or audits to ensure you maintain you accepted risk level.

Networking Managed Services
IT Departments within small and medium sized businesses are typically overextended, understaffed or have a gap in the skill sets needed to properly manage all aspects of a network. iKon Technical Development offers Managed Service solutions designed to complement the activities and resources of your existing IT department.

Disaster Recovery & Business Resumption
Disaster recovery planning and business continuity management is essential to business security and survival. Disaster recovery planning is the mechanism by which technology disasters are anticipated and addressed.

The first challenge in the planning process is to quantify the meaning of the word “disaster” as it relates to your IT environment. Once you understand the value of technology to your organization, you need to consider the related consequences that will occur when an incident renders that technology anything from temporarily unavailable to completely inaccessible.

iKon Technical Development can help you identify and assess your disaster recovery needs, analyze consequences and develop realistic disaster recovery policies and procedures, leading to a successful disaster recovery plan.

IT Outsource Solutions
Does your employee-based IT team have all of the competencies needed to deliver all of the services your organization expects from IT? Is your IT strategy aligned with your business goals? Considering the central role that Information Technology plays in your business, IT Outsourcing is a solution more and more organizations are finding is the right answer.

There are many benefits to IT Outsourcing:

  • Simplifies the management of IT – allowing managers more time to focus on their core business
  • Improves service levels
  • Strategy and focus – a tighter alignment between IT and your business requirements
  • Gain access to a broader range of technical expertise and skills
  • Improved communications between IT and the rest of the organization
  • Provides more predictable levels of service and support

Wireless technology offers greater reach and mobility of computers and other network devices. Wireless networks and technology services represent the future of computer networking and Internet access.

There are a number of considerations that need to be made when considering wireless technology and there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Wireless standards, coverage, hardware options and security are just some of the considerations that need to be made for a successful deployment of wireless local area networking (WLAN).

iKon Technical Development can help you assess your wireless needs, understand your wireless options and help you implement a complete and effective wireless solution.

Wide Area Network (WAN) Connectivity
From branch offices, to home offices, to vendors and suppliers, access to and the sharing of information leads to greater productivity, efficiency and cost savings. iKon Technical Development provides expert design, installation and configuration of hardware and software solutions to ensure a successful Wide Area Network (WAN) implementation. Whether you need new connectivity, or are making changes to your existing design, iKon can provide the services you need.

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iKon Technical Development Incorporated is a full scale computer organization. As a trusted business partner, we provide expertise in hardware, cctv, access control, security, networking, POS, IT, database systems, Operating systems, programming and web services.

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