Professional Reballing:
Laptop graphic cards suffer from overheating. Creating cracks in the solder underneath the chips. If your laptop displays any of the following symptoms get it professionally reballed.

* Blank when switched on
* Goes blank when the laptop is moved
* Freezes
* Picture breaks up into patterns or coloured dots
* Hard disk appears not to work or keeps stopping

We can also reball your southbridge chipset if your laptop displays the following issues:

* The USB ports run slowly or not at all
* The Hard Drive appears to not work
* There is no Audio
* Your network card is no longer working
* Audio no longer works, Sound card no longer available
* System turns self off and on

Why did this happen?:
New computer laptops and video game systems have been forced to use unleaded solder to prevent pollution and for health reasons when assembling. Unleaded solder becomes weak quickly when heated and cooled over and over again. Creating cracks in the solder that connects the chip to the motherboard.

Also bad design for board support can cause warping of the board and causing loss of contact to a motherboard pad.

What is Reballing?:
Reballing is done by using an advanced computer controlled machine to heat up the chip and remove it from the motherboard. Then we clean the old hardened solder off the motherboard.

We then reball the gpu and reflow it back onto the motherboard.

Using this process you will have a new solder that is much better at handling the excessive heat cycles produced by today’s electronics. Such as laptops and Video game consoles (xbox 360, PS3).

Leaded solder lasts forever and can handle the thermal cycles of heating and cooling. That's why these issues where not seen much in the past.

Also the fan and heat sink is completely cleaned, and new high performance thermal paste is used (transfers the heat from the chip to the heat sink, then the fan moves the heat from the heat sink to the outside of the case.) Also copper shims replace cheap thermal padding.

Your laptop will be free from this problem for years or until it is considered obsolete and you just do not care anymore as you moved on to a better laptop\notebook.

What about Reflowing?:
Reflowing is when the solder underneath the chip is re-melted to remake the connection to the chip itself and the motherboard. The chip is not removed and new solder is not applied. Flux is used under the chip to help clean dirty pads and oxidized solder. Reflowing most of the time a temporary fix, your notebook laptop will work correctly again for a few hour or a few months.

But the original problem still remains, you have the old weakened unleaded solder. Once this gets heated and cooled down again a few times it will crack and the original problem returns.

For laptops I do not suggest reflowing them at all as there is hardened epoxy around the chip that gets under the chip and is hard to clean off unless the chip is removed, this causes bad reflows on laptops and are very temporary in my opinion. However PS3 and Xbox Reflows seem to last years if you fix the problems that cause it with modification kits and new thermal compound. If your PS3 or Xbox has already been reflowed I would only suggest a reball.

Therefore we recommend that you get the reball. Reflowing does work permanently about 70% of the time.

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